Apprentice Housewife

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Basically, i am quit positive to move to Forth Street campus.

First of all, that campus is closer to my house than ths school of languages. if we move to main campus, it will take just 15 minutes on foot . I have to send more than 30 minutes from my home to the school of languages if I wallk by myself.

Secondly, Forth Street campus is more convinence than ths school of languages. There are a cafeteria, libraries, a student centre, a cafe, a gim, and vending machines. I can easly access those of school facilities when I need.

Lastly, there are lovely grasses like a garden. That place is not to big and fancy but that is good enough to enjoy my lunch by sitting on there.

However, I have a negative feeling either to move to main campus. The reason why i have negative feeling is that the classroom's size. I wonder if there are big size classrooms or not.
Now, our classroom is a big size, I think, but I do not sure Forth Street campus has this much big classroom for us.
If there are not I will not be happy to move to main campus even I have hundreds of good and positive feelings to move to there